How do you manage a tooth infection?

A tooth infection can occur due to many different reasons. It is most commonly the result of poor oral hygiene, tooth decay, or both of those combined. The most common treatments include removal of the tooth or a root canal treatment depending on the extent of the infection in the teeth.

What would happen if I left the tooth infection alone?

Prolonged infection may lead to the need for a root canal procedure. The root canal is an area located in the roots of your teeth. It is filled with a special nerves that can easily be infected if decay has a chance to build up. The tooth infection may spread to surrounding teeth as well until eventually the entire mouth is in a bad shape. Our dentists here at Smile Concepts will remove this infected pulp and replace it with a special filling. If you make an appointment when the signs start to appear, then there is a good chance we can save the tooth rather than have to extract it.

What are the signs of teeth infection?

The signs of teeth infection include discolouration of the tooth, teeth pain, gum inflammation, gum swelling, gum pimples, sensitive teeth, tender gums, pain when chewing, and bleeding gums. On rare occasions there may be no signs at all which is why it is important to get a check-up every so often.

How long should I wait before the tooth infection is treated?

If a teeth infection are caught early on, then antibiotics will be prescribed to you in order to get rid of it before any extractions are made if necessary.

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment. We’ll check for any tooth infection or multiple teeth infection and let you know what options you have.

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