What are the causes of tooth pain?

The most common cause of tooth pain, includes:

1. Tooth pain from a tooth infection

Tooth pain from tooth infection results from the caries or decay reaching the nerve of the tooth. The nerve eventually gets infected and dies resulting in an abscess. This is like a pimple in the bone that causes immense pain. The only way to treat this tooth abscess is to remove the tooth or remove the nerve form the tooth leading to a root canal treatment.

2. Teeth pain from a gum infection

If there is food stuck inside your gums or there is gum disease due to poor oral hygiene, the gum gets infected and results in severe teeth pain. The gum can get swollen and results in the surrounding teeth pain.

3. Tooth pain from a fractured tooth

A fractured tooth for any reason can lead to teeth pain. The fracture could be caused by either biting on something hard or a root canal treated tooth that has not had a crown placed on it.

How do we treat tooth pain?

Based on the cause of the tooth pain, treatment varies.

Tooth infection

Tooth pain from a tooth infection is treated with either the removal of the tooth of performing a root canal treatment.

Gum Infection

Tooth pain from gum infection is treated by cleaning the infection out from the gums and taking some antibiotics. You need to see our after hours dentist that treats these disorders.

Fractured tooth

this tooth needs either a removal or placement of a crown on it to protect it from getting infected and causing further teeth pain.

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